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Sara in 76

As a former fashion buyer and retail fashion manager Sara has a discerning eye for authentic and classic items.

'I only seek out quality items for SARA’S ATTIC if they incorporate authenticity and a touch of practicality!

Whether you are an avid collector or enthusiast, attending a theme party or perhaps you are looking for an original classic item to pep up your wardrobe, l hope you find some desirable items!

Most of the items of clothing in SARA’S ATTIC have been in storage for more than 25 years! Many items date from the swinging 1960’s through glitzy 1970’s to the wannabee 1980’s, therefore these items have never been worn, many still have their original labels attached and intact, some are in their original packaging. It was necessary to have some items cleaned to maintain their condition and durability, others were able to be left in their wrappings and bear a truly vintage odour, but never fear it all comes out in the wash!


Vivese Senso Duo


Hair loss - a female problem solved!

Flexa Plus


Osteoarthritis - the rescue!









Should you have something special in mind contact me with the details and l will try to source any item for you.

You may find it helpful to browse through my links page !'

Sara says....

'I am often asked how I define items as Retro, Vintage or Antique...and in general my yardstick is...

Retro is the last 25 years 1975-2000, Vintage is between 1920-1975 and anything before that I classify as Antique!

Thanks for visiting us… Sara
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